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We love to create. We live to innovate.

Whether we're developing a completely new mobile solution or building upon what's already in the mobile marketplace, we strive for user-focused excellence in all that we do. We spend our days listening to what people want and need, whether for fun and entertainment or for business and productivity. We then, as our name suggests, spend our nights designing and building mobile applications that respond to those specific needs. We are the Swing Shift!

Founded in 2013 as a start up, Swing Shift is a division of Trekk - a global marketing agency that combines strategy, creativity and technology to craft memorable, measurable programs across all media. We are a dedicated, energetic and highly-skilled group of marketers, designers and developers grounded in delivering high quality and driven by a shared entrepreneurial spirit.

We develop across iOS, Android and Windows platforms and are technology agnostic.

We leverage tried and true technologies, including...(need you guys to help me fill in) and regularly experiment with new tools as they become available. This enables us to keep an open-minded approach to development and choose the best tools for each job. We take what we like and toss what we don't to ensure optimized performance by application and device.

We encourage you to download and explore our applications and welcome your feedback as we continue ongoing enhancement.

If you want to learn more about us, if you have a mobile application need or you want to understand how mobile might be a fit for your needs or ideas, please contact us. In addition to native product development, we can engage with you to develop custom mobile applications.

What wine goes with Captain Crunch?
- George Carlin

Application screenshots

Your Workouts

Drag and drop exercises to create custom workouts.


Add your own or select from a default library.

Edit Your Workout

Add, subtract, or re-order your workout without hassle.

Just want to get to work?

Use our large display Quick Timer to start your workout and track your time.

Application screenshots

You Library

Keep all the wines you have tasted in one convient collection.

Manage Your Library

Organize your wine collection effortlessly.

Save as You Sip

To save a wine, enter the Wine name along with When and Where it was tasted.

Your Rating

Record your thoughts on the wine by assigning a ranking from 1-4 and adding notes on the flavor.

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